Vitamin B12 deficiency

Here is a very informative take on vitamin B12 deficiency. With a very grateful Thank you to Dr. Osborne for educating the public on important health information.


Since I've started administering Methylcobolamin B12 injections, that can reveal B12 deficiency, I'm surprised at how many of my patients are low in this essential vitamin. These findings give rise to questions about why B12 deficiency occurs and what can be done about it. Although Dr. Osborne's video offers a great overview, it falls short in explaining that if one lacks intrinsic factor, they will not be able to absorb adequate amounts of B12 from meat or supplements. Moreover, I have seen little correlation between carnivorous diets and sufficient B12 levels. Whether the lack of absorption stems from a gluten sensitivity, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy,  diet, or other systemic issues- Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin injections are excellent avenues to help re-establish proper levels. It should also be noted that these effective and high-quality B12 injectables are (ironically) not animal-based and are Cyanide free.

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