More than just acupuncture.... HERBS are awesome!

A large part of the 1,740 hours of didactic instruction for my MSAOM studies were spent learning about herbs and how they work together to create a perfect medicine. Much like this, herbal formulas are a very significant part of Chinese Medicine. They are the take home, that strengthen the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modality system. There are even times when I see stronger results from the herbs than from acupuncture, yet together the results are always intensified.
Unlike supplements or pharmaceuticals, Chinese Formulas threat the underlying condition, as well as the symptoms. TCM practitioners take a very close look at each individual to determine what formula will strengthen their whole system, without creating any imbalances, while addressing as many symptoms as possible. That's right, each formula has many conditions that they are indicated for.
An excellent example of this diversity is Ren Shen Yang Ying Tong (RSYYT) (not to be mistaken for Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang- made famous for its cancer relieving effects). Ginsing Nourishing formula supplements qi and blood, nourishes the heart, calms the spirit, and sharpens memory. It can be used for anxiety and fatigue, or hypothyroidism and restlessness. The reason for these opposing extremes is that it was designed to rebuild a depleted and exhausted system. It is a wonderful follow up for surgical procedures, as well as recovering from loss of a loved one, or extremely stressful events. In contrast, in spite of RSYYT's diversity- it can damage the person who doesn't have a constitutional need for it. No worries though, your Chinese Medicine provider can find the perfect formula to treat your individual pattern- this is why we do herbs better!
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