Treatment Plans

Eastern Sun TCM Acupuncture offers 3 treatment plans.
All services start with consultations. Consultations are free and are to determine whether Eastern Sun's services are right for you.

Initial Intakes - are done on the first visit. This takes about a half to one full hour.  During this time vital signs will be taken and charted. Next, TCM questioning, involving pulse and tongue inspection, will be done- resulting in a TCM diagnosis. It is this diagnosis that allows for the best treatment possible. 

Full treatment- provides the best results, allowing  the opportunity  to  utilize all applicable TCM modalities. This treatment plan includes acupuncture, herbal recommendations, tui na massage (up to 10 minutes) and one, or all of the following: guasha, cupping, electric stimulation.  

Simple Treatment- is designed to help uncomplicated conditions and be more economically manageable. This plan includes herbal recommendations and acupuncture. 

Other services can be added for a lesser fee

The third treatment plan is called 5 point- and is designed for low income patients that would otherwise go without the benefits of TCM. It may also be used for a base rate.

Initial Intakes  $40.00

Full treatment  $100.00

Simple Treatment $75.00

Other services can be added for $20.00

5 point- $55.00 

Acupuncture Injection Therapy, AIT  $30.00- $120.00

Payment:  cash, most major credit cards, insurances that pre-approve acupuncture, workman's comp and auto injuries. United Healthcare in network.

Same day pay discounts available.

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