What a gift to Canon City! We are so incredibly fortunate to have access to Tricia's wonderful skills & talent. The space she has created is inviting & peaceful, her health knowledge & recommendations are top notch & the acupuncture, cupping & Tui Na or Tuina (Chinese Massage) is the best I've ever experienced. I'd experienced acupuncture before while living in Dallas, but I've never felt the results as dramatically.  L.D.

If you have found these comments then you have found an incredible acupuncturist who will change your life for the better.  I had the privilege of working with Tricia for six months for a variety of very physically and emotionally intense medical problems.  When I first met her I was in a tough spot mentally-pretty out of balance.  Tricia took a careful history, really listened to my concerns and worked out a treatment plan to restore balance.  Her treatments were very individualized and gave me a much needed release every week.  There were many weeks where my treatment with Tricia was the only thing that kept me going and gave me strength.  It was like coming to a little oasis of comfort and care after being adrift in an ocean of uncertainty and profound hopelessness. While all medical problems may not be cured by acupuncture, the imbalance and disharmony that accompany so many medical diseases can be helped tremendously by acupuncture and that peace of mind is invaluable.  And some problems just are ripe for treatment: Tricia cured my Achilles tendonosis, which I battled with for over a year.  She was an empathic ear and an incredible clinician during a tough medical journey.  She is a tremendously talented acupuncturist and a kind, intuitive person.   I am forever grateful for her care. H.J.

I was very skeptical at first but after much encouragement by a friend, I went. I remember leaving there and thinking for the first time since my back surgery four years ago I was completely pain free. What a great feeling!! I have been back multiple times and it is such a healing experience each time. She is so amazing at what she does and the atmosphere is so calming and soothing.    C.P.

Tricia is amazing! She is very informative, helpful, and kind. I recommend seeing Tricia!  
 H. G.

I go to Eastern Sun Acupuncture on a regular basis since my first visit. Tricia shows professionalism with understanding, care and truly listens to what your visit is about.
I look forward to my treatments now as I know however tired and sore I am going in, I will feel relaxed and invigorated when I leave. Thanks Eastern Sun for your awesome services :)  C.L.

Very Great. I have Tourette's Syndrome and I found last summer that acupuncture actually helped calm it down quite a bit.    J.S.

Tricia does an amazing job! She puts her whole heart and soul into her work. She has helped me to heal multiple times! I thank you and appreciate you, sweet Tricia!    T.J.

Tricia was very thorough and addressed the issues specific to me personally. She was very professional and is a natural healer. I would recommend Eastern Sun TCM Acupuncture to anyone. Surprisingly affordable.   R.W.
Very informative very nice very interesting. Thanks Tricia for helping me out with my pregnancy body problems :) go see her so many things can be addressed.   K.B.

Peace and healings from the second I entered the door.   P.S.

You do great work!   R.B.

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